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In the past booking at your tour operator might have been the only option, but nowadays you can get all the information you need to make an informed decision online. The review sites like Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck greatly contributed to filter out the unreliable and low quality operators.

We offer only excursions that are operated by reliable, specialized companies with the highest rankings on Tripadvisor and Holidaycheck. The excursion companies we use are owner-operated and in almost all cases you will meet the owners.

The Best Excursions Companies United: offers excursions that are not offered by the onboard tour-desks and the tour operators in the resorts. These agents charge up to 50% commission. For this reason they have to use the cheapest excursion operators in each location, otherwise they would price themselves out of the market. If you buy an excursion on the ship or in the resort for $80, you will most likely get an excursion with an actual value of $40. managed to get the highest rated excursion companies together. The Tripadvisor rankings might vary from time to time, but you are assured of a quality excursion for a fair price with the companies listed below. And to make a reservation is as easy as it can be, because the BookingCenter functions as an one-stop-excursion-center:


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SeavisTours is voted the No 1 attraction in Bayahibe with great reviews on the review sites. SeavisTours only caters for the English, German and Dutch language market. SeavisTours is owned by a Dutch husband and wife team and they take pride in offering their guests a real Dominican experience. No tourist traps or disguized shopping tours, but high quality eco tours with attention to nature, local culture and fun.

Tanama Jungle Ranch:

This is also a new attraction on the banks of the Rio Chavon. The owners of SeavisTours went all the way and have created a tropical paradise in the rainforest. The project is world-class and will show you the ecology of the Dominican Republic in a fun and relaxed way. You can pet the Iguanas, the Parrots, the Boa Constrictors, the Tarantulas.. and all other endemic animals on the property. The short rainforest trail gets international recognition... the San Diego zoo uses the location for its study on iguanas... The half day Wonders of Nature tour is unique... Full day excursions are offered also...


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