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Saona Island facts:

The surface of the island is 110 kmĀ². It has beautiful coral reefs, coastal lagoons, a large diversity of bird and reptile species, and also has interesting archaeological sites and caves that were used by the Tainos.

On Saona there are several species of sea turtles identified including loggerhead, hawksbill, leatherback and green turtle. We will visit our sea turtle sanctuary in Mano Juan

Among the birds you can see seagulls shorebirds, wading birds, the white-crowned pigeon, and green parrot, which is in danger of extinction.

Other fascinating animals like the rhinoceros iguana, manatees, dolphins and the fishing bat are also part of the inhabitants of the island.

Saona Crusoe


Adult:$95 USD
Child:$50 USD
Round trip transfer: $15

Incl. all drinks, snacks, lunch, park fees, snorkel equipment, guiding

Max: 52 persons
Duration: 8 hours

*Time Table:

08:15:Pick up
09:00:Depart boats
13:30:Mano Juan
14:30:Canto de la Playa
16:00:to Bayahibe
17:00:in Bayahibe
17:10:transfer back

* We will fit the excursion within the port times of the ship.

What to bring:
- sun screen
- swim wear
- towel
- beach slippers
- snorkel gear*
- camera

* we supply snorkel gear, but take your own if you have it available

Not Recommended for:
- pregnant women
- people with back disorders

- no deposits
- no cancellation policy
- full payment on arrival in Bayahibe
- US$, Euro, Pesos
- no credit cards!!
- no problems :)

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Saona Crusoe VIP - our flagship tour

The Saona Crusoe VIP is offered to passengers of AIDA, Mein Schiff and local resort guests.


Lancha Saona Special We'll leave with the boat around 09:00am. Our first stop will be at the gaves of Penon. This is a cave system along the shore and the Taino indians used them as shelter during their fishing trips. We give you information about the Taino and the inauguration of the National Park. The next stop is the piscina natural. Relax in piscina natural This is something special: it is part of a large sandbank and we will leave the boat to dip in the knee-deep water. We'll have a toast with some Vitamin "R" and we will look for the starfish. This gives you great photo opportunities. After +- 30 minutes we'll board again and we head for the mangroves. The mangroves are an important eco system in the ocean. We cross the Catuano channel and continue to Catuano Beach. Here you can snorkel and relax on gthe beach. Lunch is served under the waving palm trees.

Next stop is a traditional fisherman village. Mano Juan is a very traditional, typical Caribbean village. No electricity and very few 'Western convieniences'. Mano Juan - Saona We invite you to join a village tour. We'll show you how people live here and we can enter the houses of the local people. You will feel like a time traveller.... We will also visit the local sea turtle sanctuary. After the village tour it is time for the lunch.

Canto de la Playa - Saona Island Around 14:00h we'll board the boat again to go to Canto de la Playa, the most beautiful beach of Saona. The bay is shallow (1 - 3m) and is protected by a reef barrier. Even beginner snorkelers can see a lot of fish here. The coral patches are beautiful and there is a great variety of tropical fish. Canto de la Playa offer very relaxed beach time...


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